Pacific Pines State High School | QLD

“The Daymap Attendance and Learning Management Systems are an integral part of teaching and learning at Pacific Pines State High. Staff and students are able to see live attendance information and staff are able to deliver learning materials on a platform that allows 24/7 anytime, anywhere access.

As a BYO school, this digital platform was essential to supporting our staff and students. Allowing parent access to this system means we now have a platform allowing for true collaboration and communication between Staff, Students and Parents with real-time data around attendance and class learning.

The staff at Daymap have been fantastic in their support for Pacific Pines State High and ensuring that the digital platform that they provide meets our ever-increasing needs and requirements.”

Port Augusta Secondary School | SA

“Daymap has transformed the School Operations at our school. Curriculum Planning, Communication, Roll marking, Student Records and Student Reports are now organised in a way that links these important components of learning together in the one package with the ultimate winners being our students.”

Simon Owens, Deputy Principal

Aldridge State High School | QLD

“The Daymap Learning Management System has provided us with a one-stop shop for attendance, communication, timetables and curriculum resources, as well as access for parents to view this information for their child through the Parent Portal. The team are continually seeking and acting on feedback to improve Daymap to minimise teacher and administrator workloads. The addition of electronic feedback on assessment, both written and voice recordings, with rubrics, including ISMGs for the new QLD SATE subjects, provides the opportunity to receive, mark, give feedback and store student work quickly and easily.

The integration of third parties such as ClickView, Turnitin and Khan Academy make it easy for teachers linking resources to lessons and assessment.

The Depot also allows teachers to give their classes access to cloud-based folders and files. This 24/7 access to curriculum resources for students has been integral in achieving a nearly 90% uptake of personally owned-student devices.”

Seaview High School | SA

“The positive relationships we have with our families are intergral to our work as a school. We value these strong partnerships, as they are key to ensuring our students maximise their personal achievements and are able to persue the pathway of their choice. Daymap, our online Learning Management System supports this by providing 24/7 access to the curriculum and the online portal allows parents to be actively invoved in their childs learning Journey.”

Penny Tranter, Principal

Upwey High School | VIC

“We have got more than we were hoping for with DayMap. Not just an admin system, not just a learning management system.


  • Installed in a day
  • Integrates with pre-exsisting management software such as The Timetabler
  • Responsive and supportive team, always looking for product feedback
  • A solution that it a ‘one-stop’ shop. Well tailored for use in a secondary environment.”

Tom Daly, Principal

Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology | QLD

“As a school we have moved to using Daymap as a primary learning management system because it offers everything that we need to centralise information. We have been using the Depot on Daymap for the past 18 months and we are thrilled with the level of engagement by students and staff. The Depot provides an online resource centre for students to access information. All information that is key to student learning is placed on the Depot. In this way, we can ensure that all students have the same learning experience and level of access to key resources. We have also created a staff only resource centre on the Depot, as this provides fast, efficient 24/7 access to teaching resources and school information. Additionally, we are very happy with the level of support that Daymap staff have provided, this has been a key factor in the successful implementation of Daymap at our school. Daymap has truly exceeded our expectations on what a quality learning management system can offer and I have no hesitation in recommending this LMS to other schools.”

Swan Hill College | VIC

“Swan Hill College identified a need to move to computerised roll marking in early 2005. After investigating many roll marking systems we decided to “take the plunge” with DayMap. We choose DayMap over the other packages primarily because it was a web based system which was able to import and export data into CASES 21 and The Timetabler. DayMap was able to be slotted into our existing systems and allowed us to electronically mark our rolls without having to alter our other processes and systems.

It was with some trepidation that we approached our initial installation of DayMap and subsequent transfer of data from The Timetabler into DayMap. However much to our delight the team at Loop had it all installed and ready to go overnight. This has been the way in which Loop Software have approached all of our upgrades and changes which we have asked for. The team at Loop have always been more than prepared to complete changes at times which have been convenient to us and have always been quick to offer support.

Because DayMap is web based it has meant that both students and staff have been able to access timetables from anywhere in the school and we are currently looking into parental access to the system to allow parents access to their sons and daughters data. Several of our staff have also embraced the assessment portion of DayMap, it is planned to expand on this in the future to further enhance the DayMap for all of the groups which use it.

As the VCE Manager of the school I find the ability to readily track students to be the most useful feature of all. Using DayMap I can pinpoint students who are struggling with their attendance and put processes in place which will assist them to improve their attendance and work habits.”

​Andrew Sartori, VCE Manager

Glenunga International High School | SA

“When we decided that we wanted to invest in a Learner Management system, we wanted really to be able to create a partnership with parents where they could see our student results in real time, where they could see the assessment schedules for what summative tasks that students had to do and when and they could see student’s homework. If a Learner Management System could deliver those things, we felt it would relieve a great deal of parental anxiety, particularly for aspirational parents, that they could relax, just check online when they needed to and actually enjoy the experience of their student being at secondary school far more than they were doing currently.”

Bellbird Park State Secondary College | QLD

“Bellbird Park State Secondary College is Queensland’s newest secondary school, we opened in January 2017 for year 7 students and will continue to grow a year level at a time until 2022 when our first year 12 students will graduate and our total enrolments will be approximately 2000 students. One of my many priorities in starting up the school was to find a modern and reliable attendance system that links effortlessly with our OneSchool platform. Daymap ticked all the boxes – namely being a ‘one-stop-shop’ for its integrated facilities – web based, calendars, and the ability to easily and effortlessly communicate with students, staff and parents through the portal. Everything about Daymap is vastly superior to the attendance systems I have used at previous schools. We have only just begun our Daymap journey but I would recommend this product which has the potential to bring about positive change to any school.”