Daymap Consultants are available to work with you on projects that meet your specific needs. 

Consulting can include (but is not limited to) :

On Site Training Days

Do you need something specific and targeted for your school? We can work with you to prepare a training day that meets your needs. Alternatively you can book one of our regular training courses to be held on site – this can be a cost effective way of training multiple staff and can even be shared with other Daymap schools.

Daymap Review Days

Do you need assistance reviewing and optimising Daymap for use in your site? An on site day from our consultants can assist you to work through your current usage, optimise your configuration and settings and prepare you for the next stage of your Daymap journey. Review Days are very beneficial in sites that have been using Daymap for many years and are using new technology old ways and missing out on the power of new features. They can also assist new Leaders to identify how Daymap is used on site and plan for improved usage.

Reports Consulting

Is it time to review your Academic Reporting process and design? Our reporting process uses tools that are easy to manage and can draw from all of the existing attendance, class list and assessment data in your school’s Daymap to reduce the amount of time required for data entry. We offer various levels of support in managing your reporting process in Daymap. From a training based DIY model to full reporting management.

Custom Work Consulting

Do you have a workflow for managing student behaviour, attendance, wellbeing etc that you would like to manage in Daymap? Our Student Records are powerful forms that can be built within Daymap, using your school language to support your internal processes. With the addition of custom work consulting, work flow for approvals and notifications can be included making Student Records an invaluable tool for improved student management.

For more information about our consulting services and how they would benefit your school, please contact your Account Manager.

You can also contact us via our Contact Us page.