Student Management & Wellbeing

Store and manage student contacts, flag students with special needs or medical issues, and create your own student notes and records. Access our library of student forms designed to make student management simple. Or, use our inbuilt tool to build your own forms for customised student record keeping that meets your needs. With the ability to control who can access what information, it is easy to maintain student confidentiality.


Manage student attendance at individual, group, class or school level. Use the optional Kiosk feature to allow students to sign in/out of school if required. Draw rich reports from attendance data, including system and government compliance reporting.

School Organisation & Communication

Manage School Calendars and multiple communication types like Newsletters and Bulletins, all under one roof. Create and name your own calendars, and decide which calendars students and parents see. Manage Room Bookings, Staff Replacements, Daily Changes and more. Schedule and manage co-curricular, music and sporting events in an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Excursion Management

Streamline your excursions management process – add events to a calendar then use the Parent Portal to distribute electronic consent forms, receive consent and payments. On the day of the event, supervising staff have a simple interface for attendance management of participating students.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Easy, effective and intuitive way to manage your Parent-Teacher Interview process. No additional logons required for parents or staff. Utilise your existing timetable data for creation of interview lists – no data exports or additional setup needed. Integrated communication tools make it easy to notify and remind parents of upcoming interviews.

 Assessment & Reporting

Set re-usable Assessment Tasks with the ability for electronic work submission. Utilise our marking and feedback tools to provide rich feedback to students and parents. Our flexible reporting platform allows for continuous assessment, informal and formal reporting. Real time results and student achievement can be provided to parents and students

 Curriculum Management

Create, share, and re-use lesson content in our Class Page and Course Manager. Add lesson plans, relief notes, homework and more.

 Customisable Data Collection

Assessment, attendance and student wellbeing data can be collected and used, making it easier for staff to see what is happening at an individual, cohort or whole school level. Simple to read, customisable tracking indicators make student achievement, attendance and wellbeing easy for parents to see too.

 Data Analysis

Use the inbuilt analysis tool to develop reports monitoring individual, cohort and school performance over time Compare whole year level, subject or individual student performance across school terms or even years.

 Document Management

Use our Document Management solutions to replace shared network drives and manage school curriculum documentation in a collaborative, web-based environment. Easily access curriculum resources for inclusion in lesson plans and assessment tasks.

Connecting the School Community


Daymap can become the one-stop shop for teachers. A place for teachers to complete a wide range of curriculum functions – course planning, academic reporting, assessment management and more.


Daymap also provides the tools to perform the day to day administration functions integral to a teacher’s role with tools for managing and monitoring attendance, wellbeing and behaviour. The Teacher Portal can also be the hub for internal, student, and parent communication.



The Student Portal can become a student’s lifeline – a source for all diary notes, lesson information and resources, assessment information (including upcoming tasks, results and feedback), school organisation and more.


Our touch and mobile friendly interface makes Daymap accessible on all devices, and our web-based platform allows students to access their Daymap wherever they are.



The Daymap Parent Portal can be a central place for parents to follow their child’s progress at school. Our live academic results and reporting abilities allow to monitor their child’s achievement and progress.


With communication and event management tools it can also be the place for managing excursion consent forms, parent-teacher Interviews and more. Plus, our Parent Portal offers branding options for schools to make their public platform their own.


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