Event Date & Time
  • February 28, 2024
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Event & Payment Details

  Rydges South Park, Adelaide

1 South Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

 9:00 am – 04:00 pm

 $490 ex GST per person

Invoiced by Loop Software

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 BYOD Training Session

Wifi enabled, including power cord

About This Event

Please note: This is an updated course to reflect the majority of schools utilising our hosted service. As such, no server side configuration and management will be discussed during this course. All elements discussed relate to settings and configuration completed within the Daymap Web Interface and relevant for both locally hosted and cloud hosted instances of Daymap.

As there is no server side involvement in this training, the content will be suitable for any staff involved in Daymap Administration. Participants do not require a high level of technical skills in order to benefit from this course.

The configuration and settings options for the following Daymap elements will be covered in the course:

Account Management

  • Adding User Accounts
  • Managing Security Groups and Permissions
  • Managing User Permissions and Daymap Access

Attendance & Student Management

  • Attendance
  • Student Notes
  • High Priority Notes
  • Student Records


Daymap Connect Parent Portal

  • Parent Account Management
  • Parent Portal Options


  • School configuration (term dates and period structure)
  • Alerts
  • Communication & Messaging
  • Calendar & Resource Management
  • Kiosks – visitor, sign in etc

Teaching & Learning

  • Assessment Task Types
  • Grading Types
  • Learning Areas
  • Assessment Tasks & Schedules

Who Should Attend?
School Leaders or Staff Members with responsibility for Daymap within their schools who:

  • Would like to develop a greater understanding of the settings and options in Daymap
  • Would like to review the current settings for their school or establish settings for a new Daymap School
  • Have the capacity to communicate back to school leadership, the policy decisions required to determine school-specific Daymap settings

We recommend that schools send at least two staff members to this course so that teams can reflect and plan on improving existing processes or the implementation of new processes. There will be time in the day to discuss, reflect and apply the course material to participants’ own contexts.

Note: As many of the settings in Daymap are driven by school policy, we recommend that at least one participant from each school be a leader who will be able to discuss policy issues and communicate the options available back to the school leadership team.

All course participants receive training materials, morning tea and lunch. We limit our sessions to small groups, allowing participants to engage directly with our experienced trainers and to share and collaborate with other members of the Daymap community. 


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